Ethnic Wear for Women & Girls

India is very proud of innumerable things, yet something that assuredly tops the list is its multifariousness. India's cultural heterogeneity and heritage have been proved in numberless ways. And the one thing that makes this country stand out globally is its ethnic wear for women. Especially when it comes to Indian attire, nothing shows it off quite as well as Shree’s ethnic wear.


Although fashion industries develop modern tastes every day, Indian ethnic wear still holds a deep root in every Indian's heart. When it comes to ethnic wear for women, they are the single biggest category in Indian ethnic wear, which has large shares in the market. No matter how many changes the fashion industry goes through each day, Indian ethnic wear for women is here to stay.

For your everyday ethnic wear needs, Shree is the right destination. From everyday Kurtas to heavy embroidered ethnic sets, with Shree’s ethnic wear for girls you can rock a look on any occasion. Even the simplest Indian ethnic wear for girls can give you a boost of confidence that resonates with a lively personality.

Indian wear reflects upon the diversity of the Indian culture. It’s something even the modern population of our country resonates about. It sets us all apart from our “western neighbors” after all. Ethnic wear has always been a part of the Indian lifestyle. So, let’s dive deeper into the different kinds of ethnic wear that you’ll find at Shree. Also, learn how to add them to your wardrobe by mixing and matching well.


Staple Ethnic Wear for Women: Kurta

The evergreen and forever-loved Kurta is one of those ethnic wear that has seen tremendous growth in terms of designs, patterns, styles, and more. Various amazing looks concerning the Kurta have cropped up in recent years that you must absolutely try. And if you want to make a fashion statement, Shree drops right in.

The label of ethnic wear comprises many different collections at Shree like casual wear, festive wear, Kasuri, underwater, the games, pattern mix, bandh rang, privie, Indian expression, and the list goes on. Every single collection from Shree has its own story of inspiration. Ethnic wear looks fun, easy to pull off, and fashionable here. So, be proud to show off your cultural roots.

Here are some Kurta collections under ethnic wear for women that you need to buy right away:

Ethnic Wear for Women: Privie Ethnic Sets & Dresses

Privie is Shree’s prime ethnic wear collection that repeats every season. Most designs in the Privie collection comprises of colors, designs, textures, and fabrics that depict celebrations. If you want festive wear, then this is your call.

Let’s check some amazing color pallets that can be seen in the Privie ethnic wear at Shree.

Earthy Color Pallet: Ethnic Wear for Girls

Earth has many colors. Just look around you and you'll find a huge spectrum of colors. Sap green color of the leaf, brown color of our earth surface, the blue color of the sky, and so on. You will find all-natural colors in this ethnic wear collection. Revamp your wardrobe and fill it with some earthy colors. Be it dresses or ethnic sets, earthy pallets are great picks. Colors like mustard, brown, maroon, and wine adorned with embellishments like handwork, dori, embroidery, gold foil print, and more., complete the Privie collection.

Floral Prints and Pastel Pallet: Ethnic Wear for Girls

You cannot miss florals once you’ve transgressed from earthy colors. It’s the first thing that comes to your mind when you think of the earth. Here at Shree, the beauty of nature is incorporated in ethnic wear for women in the form of florals and pastels. So, you can feel pretty, confident, and beautiful. Florals patterns are the best and are an evergreen choice. Floral ethnic wear for girls includes some of the best-selling ethnic sets and dresses. 

Ethnic Wear for Women: Suit Sets & Salwar Kameez Dupatta

One of the most essential parts of every Indian woman's wardrobe is suit sets and SKDs. Whether you are attending a wedding, Haldi ceremony, Ganesh Puja, Gurpurv or Lohri celebration, an ethnic set is your best pick. All you need is a perfect pair of ethnic wear for women, which will go with all the religious celebrations.

Furthermore, ethnic sets have a wide variety of types. It’s hard to keep a track of all of the varieties but here are some popular ones that should be in wardrobe right now.

Geometric Printed Ethnic Wear for Girls: Palazzo Sets

A range of palazzo sets depicting graceful geometric prints and colors will make your wardrobe happy. Palazzo sets include a pair of palazzos and a matching Kurta. It brings elegance to your overall personality. And geometric prints make you look chic and trendy.

Floral Printed Ethnic Wear for Girls: Suit Sets

As luck would have it, Shree has just the thing for your casual wear and office wear. Floral prints celebrate all things nature and artisanal. The collection of Suit Sets also hints at hope for the preservation of handicrafts. Most of the ethnic wear for women is made of cotton at Shree, and with floral prints, it becomes perfect for summers.

Ethnic Wear for Girls: Salwar Kameez Dupatta

The best example of tradition infused with modern in ethnic wear for women is a Salwar Kameez Dupatta set. It is beautiful and sophisticated yet classy and trendy. Stylish prints give you an edgy look and add sharpness to your personality while off-cream color bases give you the subtlety that you need in your SKDs. Salwar Kameez is timeless and adding a hint of modern doesn’t harm too much!

Kurta with Jacket Ethnic Wear for Girls

An ethnic set with a jacket will give a facelift to your look. The long jacket is trending; it gives your personality some height. You can carry this ethnic wear with a jacket or without; it’s upto you. And you can always mix and match the jacket to other Kurtas or tops in the wardrobe.

Ethnic Dresses for Women

The most versatile part of the wardrobe nowadays is ethnic dresses for women. Ethnicity merged with modernity results in ethnic dresses. These dresses make you look different from the crowd and gives you a touch of elegance. Here are some types of dresses that you can find under ethnic wear for women at Shree.

Ethnic Dresses with Dupatta

Some of the dresses we have here come with a dupatta. It adds a touch of style to your outfit and makes it look more traditional than modern.

Ethnic Dresses with tie-up Dori

A tie-up dori makes your waist look more defined on a dress. Some of the dresses at Shree come with a tie-up dori that matches with the color of the print of the dress. Grab these to look classy!

Ethnic Dresses with Scarfs or Stoll

If you are one of those who love adorning their neck with a stoll or a scarf, then these types of dresses will soon become your favorites. Look amazing in these dresses and style the scarf as you like.


Casual Wear Collection - Ethnic Wear for Girls

If you need something that is good to go with everyday wear, then you can pick something from our collection comprising casual ethnic wear for women. Carry these outfits almost anywhere; be it a day-out with friends or a brunch with old office colleagues. It is your everyday ethnic wear, and you should add it to your cart right now.

Different Prints in Casual Ethnic Wear

  • Ornamental Motifs: Most casual wear Kurtas have ornamental motifs on beautiful color base. You can carry this type of Kurta when you go for shopping or at a movie day-out. It will make your body feel light and will perfectly drape on your body. You can wear it effortlessly. Ornamental print is already quite attractive, so you won’t need to accessorize too much. Look gorgeous and flawless in this Kurta!
  • Geometric Motifs: Geometric prints are not your modern prints. With super comfy fabrics and geometric prints, your Kurti is bound to make a statement. It’s versatile, look unique, and classy. Now grab ethnic wear displaying geometric motifs today and flaunt your Avatar every day.
  • Abstract Print: The abstract design is an art that does not attempt to represent an accurate depiction of visual reality. Instead, it uses shapes, colors, forms, and gestural marks to accomplish its effect. It looks unique and beautiful. Shree has incorporated abstract print in many of its Kurtis and other ethnic wear.

If there is one thing that has evolved the most in history, then it is ethnic wear fashion. Ethnic wear for women has been a staple in the markets. It has been used to demarcate social and political status from the times of early civilizations. Ethnic wear has been deeply intertwined with our sense of identity and culture. And no wonder, Shree is so huge with today’s youth as well as the adult generation.

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