Casual Kurta

Casual Kurta

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Agree to it or not, we love to dress casually. Loose T-shirts paired with our favorite joggers and subtle jewellery to glam the overall outfit up. We love experimenting with casual wear. Anything that provides us comfort comes close to our hearts, like that one shirt you just can't let go of, or that pair of jeans that clings to your waist flawlessly. Of course, you don’t find elegant yet comfortable casual kurtas and dresses just like that.

When we think of casual wear, we associate it with comfortable and breathable fabrics like cotton, fleece and denim. The prime reason why we consider casual dressing as our best option is because of the relaxed and laid-back clothing options it provides. However, when it comes to ethnic wear, all that we can think about is the uncomfortable fabric, embroidery and not-so-pleasant fitting. This is where Shree is an exception. 

Today, women are conscious of their choices and are aware of what they want. We, at Shree, understand the importance of mingling fashion with comfort. Our casual kurtas for ladies can be worn every day without hassle whether you are at home, office or wish to spend a laid-back evening with loved ones to relax.

Summer Casual Kurtas for Ladies

Kurta is the staple garment of India, worn and adored by many. Because of the comfort that a Casual Kurta provides, it is the ideal garment to wear in summers.

Casual Kurtas, made with 100% natural cotton, can provide unimaginable comfort on hot summer days to keep you fresh and cool. Easy to style, add a pinch of thrill to your outfit by pairing a casual kurta for ladies with bold colored bottoms and accessories.

Be summer ready with Shree. We have a range of attractive floral kurtas that can be donned as casual kurtas. These are adorned with beautiful floral prints on the front and back with buttons stitched in a button-down style. Pair our straight-cut casual Kurta for ladies with a palazzo or leggings. The bottoms should fall in contrast with the casual Kurta. Glam your casual Kurta with matching jewellery to complete your outfit. You can also sport a dupatta with this Kurta.

Voila, you have a DIY ethnic set!

Casual Kurta Colors that will Make You Look Stylish in Summers

  1. White
  2. Bright Yellow
  3. Red
  4. Pastels
  5. Blue  

Casual Kurta Prints You Can Go for This Summer

  1. Floral Print
  2. Tie and Dye Print
  3. Geometric print 

Monsoon Casual Kurta for Ladies

Monsoon - that time of the year when the wind blows and rain falls. Watching raindrops falling down the windowpanes and earthy smell that engulfs you is subduing.

However, with beauty there comes a wave of humidity to annoy you. Considering the humid weather, each of us would want something that doesn’t cling or stick to our bodies. At least our garments shouldn’t lead us into an irritable situation. This is where Shree comes in. Our vision is to provide modern women with stylish and comfortable casual Kurtas. This vision drives us to use fabrics that serve this purpose well. Made with LIVA fabric, our casual Kurtas are durable and sustainable beyond any doubt.

Many of our rayon Kurtas embed intricate handwork and small tassels that form the ideal casual Kurtas for ladies. These are the kind of Kurtas that you would love to wear in the monsoon season. These colored casual Kurtas can be paired with a red, orange, or brown palazzo to give you a glistening look. Accessorize your monsoon casual Kurta for ladies with subtle jewellery and you are all set for the monsoon season.


Casual Kurta Colors That Will Make You Look Stylish in Monsoon

  1. Nude Shades
  2. Cherry Red
  3. Lime Green
  4. Orange

Casual Kurta Prints You Can Go for This Monsoon

  1. Tropical Print
  2. Abstract Print
  3. Geometric Print
  4. Solid Colors

Autumn Casual Kurta for Ladies

Autumn is the season of festivities, even in India. The changing colors of leaves, from green to magnificent hues of gold, red or orange make a remarkable sight for the beholders. This season creates the perfect setting for a sense of warmth and comfort. This is when the weather transitions, and we begin to prepare for the cold winter. The onset of the autumn season inevitably commences our search for casual Kurtas for ladies in darker shades.

Our printed Kurtas are made from 100% natural LIVA fabric, which is the speciality of our casual Kurtas for ladies. In addition to this, the fabric used to curate these casual Kurtas is natural and breathable, which is why it is of very high quality. These types of casual Kurtas for women have a straight hem, which makes it look subtle. Ornamental or geometric prints adorn the fabric, lending our casual Kurtas a rich look. Pair our casual Kurtas with dark-colored leggings or trousers for maximum impact.


Casual Kurta Colors that will Make You Look Stylish in Autumn

  1. Yellow Ochre
  2. Orange
  3. Brown
  4. Off-White


Casual Kurta Prints You Can Go for This Autumn

  1. Ornamental Print
  2. Geometric Print
  3. Solid Colors
  4. Stripes


Spring Casual Kurta for Ladies

Spring is the season that signifies new beginnings. Flowers bloom and leaves become greener, adding a whole lot of color to the scenery. Not only that, this is the season of transition from the chilled weather to scorching summers. This means, now is the time you rock that ¾ sleeved casual Kurta.

If we were to describe this season in one word, it would be ‘optimism’. And thus, you need to have a well-curated range of rayon, cotton or LIVA Kurtas displaying your spring feelings. Some of our rayon geometric Kurtas are symbolic of just that. Displaying Indian expression, these casual Kurtas for ladies are made with fluid LIVA fabric.

What to pair it up with? Well, our casual Kurtas flaunt a straight hemline which makes it convenient to pair with leggings or trouser. The main highlight of our casual Kurta for ladies is its color combination. The hues of our casual Kurtas complement each other, adding to the overall luminosity.


Casual Kurta Colors That Will Make You Look Stylish in Spring

  1. Yellow
  2. Sea Green
  3. Aqua Blue
  4. Rust


Casual Kurta Prints You Can Go for This Spring

  1. Floral Print
  2. Geometric Print
  3. Texture Print
  4. Abstract Print


Reasons Why You Should Buy a Casual Kurta for Each Season from Shree

  1. More options of casual Kurtas to choose from
  2. Make a statement with the right casual Kurta for each season.
  3. Casual Kurtas are comfortable and can be worn throughout the year.
  4. Easy to style and customize.
  5. Distinct prints and designs that are suitable for all seasons.
  6. Allows you to mix and match with accessories and add-ons to create the perfect outfit.
  7. Come fall in love with different outfits for all seasons at Shree. Check out our latest collection online and choose from a huge variety of casual Kurtas for ladies.
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