Occasion Kurta

Occasion Kurta

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A kurta is a garment that can be worn on all occasions, irrespective of region and culture. People in different parts of India choose to wear an occasion Kurta when they wish to wear something comfortable yet elegant. One can find Kurtas in different colors, materials, cuts and designs. This unique quality makes a kurta wearable on all occasions. From casual outings to marriages and kitty parties, women clad in beautiful occasion Kurtas turn heads.

Kurta is a garment that is worn and is trusted by men and women all over India. At Shree, we’ve recognized this desire of women to have a Kurta for every occasion. That is why we’ve brought forth an amazing collection of occasion Kurta for ladies.

Occasion Kurta for Ladies: Which one to Pick and When?

You may be wondering which occasion kurta will be best suited for a kitty party with the ladies. Or which occasion kurta will make you look elegant for your relative’s wedding. With so many options on the shelf, we tend to get confused. An occasion kurta for ladies can be styled in innumerable ways. From wearing a belt over the occasion kurta to stylize it like a western dress to rocking the perfect Patiala salwar, we all have our own ways.

Let us look at some unique ways of styling an Occasion Kurta.

• Occasion Kurta for Festivals

Dazzling lights, vivid colours and enticing cuisines, words are less to capture the soul of Indian festivals. It is hard to do justice to the artistry of Indian festivals in limited words. Such events demand an Occasion Kurta that sets you apart from the crowd.

Add a pinch of style to your festive wardrobe with our all-time favourite, Floral Kurta. Otherwise suitable for casual outings, this kurta is the perfect occasion kurta that can be worn at all times, big or small. This straight fit kurta is essential for its intricate detailing that is evident in the floral design, embedded on its base.

• Who can wear a Floral Straight Fit Occasion Kurta?

A straight fit occasion kurta looks appreciable on each and every beautiful body out there. However, to narrow down, this kurta can be worn by beautiful ladies who have,
• Athletic frame
• Apple-shaped body
• Hourglass figure

Occasion Kurta for Ladies: Which one to Pick for Office Parties

When it comes to a professional setting, our options for a trendy outfit are finite. The confusion regarding what to wear and what not to wear is constant. You must look professional at an office gathering. But that doesn’t mean that you should not look your best. Our collection of occasion kurtas for ladies will help you do just that.

Our Embroidered Kurtas with trousers is an ethnic set that you will absolutely love. It has embroidery that spreads across its A-Line silhouette, adding to this kurta’s ornamentation. Pair this occasion kurta with silver jhumkas and a matching handbag to make the most out of it.

• Who Can Wear an Embroidered A-Line Occasion Kurta?

Occasion kurtas with an A-line silhouette fall beautifully over your bosom and give you a flary look. Hence, it is important to know who can carry such an occasion kurta gracefully. To sum up, anyone who has the following body types can ace this type of occasion kurta.
• Banana-shaped body
• Apple-shaped body
• Pear-shaped body
• Hourglass figure

Occasion Kurta for Ladies: Which one to Pick for Casual Outings?

An elegant kurta on your child’s parent-teacher meet, or a day in the park is a perfect garment. There is no doubt that an occasion kurta is the garment that every woman wishes to stock in her wardrobe. Imagine having a kurta for every occasion there is. Very often we wish to find the perfect kurta for an occasion, and in that pursuit, we visit store to store and browse through numerable websites. It is time to halt your search with our occasion kurtas for ladies. It is rightly said, there is a kurta for every occasion.

Our Printed Kurtas are woven with love in each strand. The Chanderi fabric makes these types of kurtas look classy for any casual outing. The ornamental design printed on these occasion kurtas gives this piece a royal look. Add our occasion kurtas to your shopping cart this summer and adorn that A-line silhouette the way you like it.

• Who Can Wear an A- Line Ornamental Occasion Kurta?

From mothers to daughters, anyone who has the following body types can ace these types occasion kurtas.
• Banana-shaped body
• Apple-shaped body
• Pear-shaped body
• Hourglass figure

Occasion Kurta for Ladies: Which one to Pick for Weddings and Parties?

Debunk the myth! Kurtas do not make an appropriate outfit for a wedding or formal party, said no one ever. In fact, kurtas serve all occasions considerably well. From your best friend’s wedding to your own, an occasion kurta is the garment you would want to resort to if you wish to look graceful without compromising your comfort.

At Shree, we have put comfort at the top of our hierarchy, followed by elegance. Our Ornamental Kurtas that come with trouser and dupatta make the ethnic set you’ve been looking for on your big day. Our occasion kurtas have tassel design which goes on till the border of the hem. Adorned with an ornamental print in white colour, the moment an occasion kurta embellishes your body, it gives you a royal look and sets you apart from the crowd.

• Who Can Wear a Straight Fit Ornamental Occasion Kurta?

Since this garment has a straight fit, anyone who has the following body types can ace this occasion kurta. But remember, all bodies are beautiful.
• Athletic frame
• Apple-shaped body
• Hourglass figure

Why To Buy Occasion Kurta for Ladies from Shree?

• Ease of picking the right kurta for an occasion
• To look prepared for the occasion
Ethnic sets are the soul of any Indian occasion
• To look graceful
• To feel comfortable in what you are wearing
• Stay in touch with your Indian roots

India is one of the oldest civilizations in the world. With a kaleidoscopic culture and vast geography, every nook and corner of the country has its own language, art and even dresses. People practice different religions and come together to celebrate many festivals. This is the country where people thrive as a community. They come together on various occasions, be it to celebrate joy or grieve for a loved one. This fusion of culture lends India its versatility and adds to its diversity.

From Pashmina Shawls of Jammu and Kashmir to Kanchipuram Sarees of Tamil Nadu, we get to explore a wide variety of attires. But which is that one piece of garment that can be worn on all occasions and is comfortable too? For most women, it’s an occasion Kurta.

Take a break from looking for the perfect occasion kurta for ladies at different websites. Head straight to Shree – The Indian Avatar and buy the perfect kurta for all occasions.

Happy Shopping.

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