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Pocket Kurta

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Have you ever come across a ladies’ Kurta with front pockets; a Kurta that you absolutely loved? Ever seen the perfect fit, design, color combination, material and cut of a Kurta that makes your heart beat faster? With women becoming conscious about their choices, shopping for Kurtas has become even more difficult. Right when you begin to feel that the garment is perfect for you, you observe the lack of pockets in it. Earlier, ladies’ Kurta with front or side pockets wasn’t even a desire. But now, things are different. If the Kurta doesn’t have pockets to carry all the stuff in, it’s worse than a heartbreak.

Women’s garments very often do not have pockets. But when they do, they are either so small that cannot even fit your little finger in them or are non-existent. They are just there for the sake of the design. Thankfully, we at Shree, have identified this shortcoming in the Indian ethnic wear. We have incorporated side pockets in most of our Kurtas & Kurtis to make these garments more functional for women.

Women’s fashion has certainly evolved over the years to become what it is today. And, we at Shree can proudly say that ‘pockets’ are a part of this evolution. Let’s dive in to know a bit about the history of pocket Kurtas.

History of Ladies’ Kurta with Front Pockets

Women’s pockets have a feminist history behind them. During the Middle Ages, both men and women carried small pouches that were slung from a rope with them to carry any essential items. Clothes worn at that time had little slits to access the pouch.

In the 17th Century, an idea was born. These pouches were to be sewed right into the clothes to keep them close to the person who wore them. Thus, ‘Pocket’ was born. Men’s pockets were sewn right into their coats and breeches. However, for women, it was quite the opposite. Women still had pockets that had to be tied around their waists between the upper-petticoat and the lower petticoat. They were quite inconvenient and inaccessible.

1. What Changed?

In the 1800s, campaigns led by a Society demanded women’s clothing to be more practical. During both the World Wars, women gradually shifted to trousers with pockets. But this trend was short-lived with the growth of the handbag industry. Once again, pockets were rendered useless for women.

Times are changing and so are we. To suit the needs of modern women, many western garments have pockets. From coats and shirts to pants and trousers, we can stuff all essentials in our pockets. In a country like India, where women love wearing ethnic sets, the scope for a pocket Kurtas is quite high. And Shree has been quick at providing a glamorous collection of pocket wala Kurtas for women.

Shree brings to you a wide variety of ladies’ Kurta with side pockets. Whether you are a homemaker or a go-getter CEO, our ladies’ Kurtas with pockets have you covered. A pocket kurta, is the most convenient way of dressing for the modern Indian woman.

Imagine wearing a trendy ‘Pocket Kurta’ and being able to stuff your mobile phone, keys, receipts, wallet and all that jazz. Hands down, Shree’s ladies’ Kurta with side pockets is a revolution in the lives of Indian women.

Wear a Ladies’ Kurta with Front Pockets at Home

Kurtas are known for the comfort and satisfaction that they provide. Since it is made with breathable fabrics, a kurta can be worn at home. Majority of Indian women prefer wearing kurtas at home. This motivated us to think outside the box and make something that would ease the life of the woman who wears it. A ladies’ kurta with front pockets will enable you to carry your essentials in or around the house. But what can you fit into a pocket kurta? Almost everything!

You can surf through our wide collection of chic pocket kurtas. Amongst our customers’ favourite ladies’ kurta with front pockets is a pink cotton floral kurta and pant set. This cotton kurta flaunts a white base, imprinted with pink floral motifs adding to its aesthetic value.

2. Which type of Pocket Wala Kurta can you Wear at Home?

Cotton Kurtas are an Indian woman’s everyday outfit. Cotton pocket kurta for girls can be paired with chappals or even a pair of juttis. The best part about wearing a cotton-made pocket wala Kurta at home is that you won’t need any jewellery with it.

You can also pick floral pocket kurtas to wear at home. Floral patterns are soothing to the eye and make a classic pair with pastel or light-colored bottoms. Mix and match the pocket kurta with your favourite pair of leggings or a palazzo if you want to go for a more comfortable outfit. 

Wear a Ladies’ Kurta with Front Pockets for Casual Outings

Kurta is a garment that is suitable for any or every occasion. In a room full of people, an aesthetic kurta will always turn heads. Be it a brunch with the girls or dinner with family or even if you're grocery shopping, a ladies’ kurta with front pockets will be your best companion.

A pocket kurta makes it easy for you to carry essential items like car or house keys, wallet, lip balm or mobile phone. A classic off-white and teal rayon geometric Kurta is one of our customers’ favorite ladies’ kurta with side pockets. It flaunts an off-white base with a teal-colored geometric print. It is made from LIVA fabric which lends this pocket kurta its versatility. The LIVA fabric prevents the kurta from losing its shape and color, keeping it intact after several washes.

3. Which Type of Pocket Wala Kurta can you Wear for a Casual Outing?

A pocket Kurta covered in simple motifs is perfect. Pair it with cigarette pants and throw a jute sling bag on. Besides this, an embroidered pocket Kurta can make a glamourous outfit if styled with simple and elegant jewellery.

A pocket Kurta paired with matching bottoms like leggings, palazzos or cigarette pants will make a wonderful ethnic set

Wear a Ladies’ Kurta with Front Pockets in Office

A pocket wala Kurta is a perfect garment to wear in a professional setting. A ladies’ Kurta with front pockets kurta paired with matching bottoms and pump heels is the classic office look for any woman to pull off. Pocket Kurtas can be the most convenient outfit to wear in the office. Pockets make it easy for you to carry things like keys, receipts, travel card, wallet, mobile phone and a bunch of other stuff. Plus, it gives you an elegant look.

One of our boastful ladies' kurta with front pockets is our navy rayon ornamental kurta. The dark blue kurta with an ornamental print is ideal for office wear. Its hand-woven embroidery on the neckline adds to its subtle luminosity.

4Which type of Pocket Wala Kurta can you Wear in a Professional Setting?

A striped pocket kurta that falls in contrast to the color of the bottoms can be paired with subtle jewellery and pump heels to make an amazing office outfit. Along with this, a plain or solid pocket kurta with matching bottoms and accessories is a staple to rock that office look. 

Why Should you Opt for Shree’s Ladies’ Kurtas with Front Pockets?

  1. Well-stitched ladies’ kurtas with side pockets
  2. Convenient and classy
  3. Intricate detailing like tie-ups & dori
  4. Easy and breezy
  5. Intricate detailing
  6. Styles you would absolutely love
  7. Made with LIVA fabric to ensure the garments’ durability

Women’s fashion has come a long way from no pockets to pocket kurtas. Say hello to ease with our ladies’ kurtas with front pockets. Get to choose from a wide range of pocket kurtas at shreelifestyle.com.

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