Trendy Kurta

Trendy Kurta

Buy Trendy Kurtas for Ladies Online 

The latest trend is to wear Kurtas, and we all know that. Besides, there’s a whole selection of trendy Kurtas for ladies available online. But have you ever thought, what are the origins of a Kurta?

A Kurta is a garment that is popular for its comfort and convenience. Tracing back to its origins, a Kurta is a Central Asian nomadic tunic or an upper-body garment. It has gained immense popularity in different parts of the world. Over the years, the garment has seen modifications to suit the needs of those who wear it on a regular basis. The demand for regular, simple silhouetted Kurtas was quite high several years back. But nowadays, there is a greater demand in the market for trendy Kurtas for ladies.

Traditionally, Kurtas were worn only by men in the South Asian region. Now, a female counterpart of the garment is available in the markets by the name ‘Kurti’. By definition, a Kurti is a short Kurta for women. It refers to waistcoats, jackets and blouses that are above the waistline and do not have any side slits. Some also believe that Kurta has descended from the tunics of the Shunga period.

Nowadays, women are getting conscious of what they wear. The comfort and convenience factor of the garment that they are wearing matters. The color, fabric, cut and design also matter. In short, women wish to wear clothes that fall in sync with the latest trend. Earlier, people used to shop for trendy Kurtas for ladies by spending hours in the market. With the internet coming as a resort, women have more options to choose from online as well as offline. The moment you search ‘trendy Kurtas online’, Google search results show you a lot of options. There are many ethnic wear brands that offer trendy Kurtas. But you must ensure that you buy kurtas from a trusted brand.

For Shree, a Kurta is the only garment that can be trendy yet professional. You can wear it as an everyday garment at home. Pick your trendy Kurta and don it as a party-wear garment by adorning it with jewellery.

Wish to wear something light and breezy to keep you moving throughout the day? Well, there's nothing better than a comfy and trendy Kurta from Shree. Office-goers often look for casual Kurtas and formal Kurtas for office wear. Both of these are available in abundance with us. But these days, it has become essential for women to maintain a fashion quotient. And for the same, they look out for trendy Kurta for girls and don it as a formal Kurta for office. That’s where Shree come into being. We provide the finest range of trendy Kurtas and formal Kurtas for office wear.


Trendy Kurtas are here to make a fashion statement. And if you know how to pair them, you are right there at the top with fellow fashion enthusiasts. Here are some styling tips to bring out the trendy chic in you.

1. The Classic Trendy Kurta for Ladies Paired with Leggings 

What do we mean by a classic Kurta? Well, it is the usual cotton-made, straight silhouetted mid-calf Kurta. A typical Kurta, preferred by ladies, has a round or a mandarin collar neckline and ¾ length sleeves. You can look for the classiest styles of trendy Kurtas for ladies online. Surf in categories like formal Kurtas, casual Kurtas, and trendy Kurtas to find your best pick. For instance, an off-white & burgundy floral Kurta is a common favorite amongst girls.


Bottoms that Go Best with a Classic Straight Trendy Kurta 

A tight-fit trendy Kurta complements most body types, but you have to be sure about the silhouette. For instance, an A-line silhouette would suit best on a pear-shaped body type. A straight silhouette would suit best on a banana-shaped or apple-shaped body type. When you pair these up with short leggings having lace detailing at the end, they get even better. You can also choose denim to make it a perfect outfit for a laidback evening or a brunch with friends. Besides, you can pair this type of trendy Kurta with contrasting palazzo or trouser.

Like this, you can wear the straight-cut trendy Kurta with embellishments or motifs with a pair of leggings. If you wish to go for a professional look, you can pair a mid-calf Kurta with black leggings or trousers and plump heels.


2. Pick a Palazzo or Trousers with a Trendy Kurta for Ladies 

Perfectly woven and stringently designed, a range of stylish and trendy Kurtas are available for ladies and girls online. The range includes Kurtas with pockets, Kurtas with jackets, and Kurtas having a casual look. You can find embroidered as well as printed trendy Kurtas for ladies online. But, if you’re looking for something more casual or formal, you can look under the corporate wear category. 


Bottoms that Go Best with Embroidered or Printed Trendy Kurtas 

Pairing a printed Kurta with a matching palazzo or trouser never goes out of style. Whether you are going to the office or a party, or you wish to stay at home, this is the go-to outfit for Indian women. You can also carry a sling bag with it to complete your look. 

With us, you get a wide variety of trendy Kurtas for ladies to choose from. You can find them in colors like navy, magenta and mint green. We also have a variety of formal Kurtas for office wear that you can pair with white trousers or palazzos.


3. A-Line Trendy Kurtas for Ladies with Contrasting Bottoms 

A lot of light-color trendy Kurtas are available online these days. Amongst these, the most popular and preferred style is an A-line Kurta. And when you style your A-line Kurta with a pair of dark colored bottoms, it gives you a fresh look. You should wear this combination during the day time because contrasting garments look most beautiful in day-light. 

Be it summer or winter, colors like off-white and powder blue are always a treat to your eyes. They make you feel happy and peaceful. And the A-line silhouette makes you feel like a chirpy person. So, choosing an option that gives you all of these would be best for the upcoming season. 


Bottoms that Go Best with A-Line Trendy Kurtas 

Pairing a light color trendy Kurta with a dark color bottom or vice versa can create a sublime effect. It will make you look attractive. You can wear this type of outfit when you are going for dinner or a party at night. Some of our A-Line Kurtas go best with cigarette pants, black palazzo, or even jeans. 


4. Pair Up Short Trendy Kurtas for Ladies with Cigarette Pants 

Staying stylish is a choice, but with an amazing range of trendy Kurtas for ladies, there’s no need to put in extra efforts to stay stylish. Go back a couple of years, and you’ll observe that pairing up short Kurtis with jeans was one of the most popular styles in the 2000s. Young women loved dressing up in short kurtas while pairing them up with jeans and sling bags. The trend is coming back. Short kurtas, which are also called tunics, are back to being the favorite outfits of women.


Bottoms that Go Best with Short Trendy Kurtas 

Kangana Ranaut, in the movie Queen, pulled off an iconic outfit combination by wearing a white Kurta covered in small motifs with blue jeans and a beige handbag. You can pull this off too. Get an embroidered short trendy Kurta from Shree and pair it up with a blue denim. Or, you can always pick up your favorite black leggings and pair the Kurta with it. A multi-color Kurta can also be paired with contrasting trousers or cigarette pants. 

Coming to footwear, this killer combination is best complemented with a pair of Kolhapuri chappals or Punjabi juttis


Reasons to Buy Trendy Kurtas for Ladies from Shree 

When you search online, you get access to an excellent range of trendy Kurtas for ladies and girls. From different hems to necklines and designs, you can find a trendy Kurta online for all events. There are numerous reasons for you to buy these Kurtas from Shree. Some of those are mentioned below: 

  1. Trendy Kurta is a perfect every day wear garment for women, regardless of your age or body type. 
  2. Comfort and convenience are the two C’s of this superior garment.
  3. Easy and breezy formal Kurtas are perfect for office wear. 
  4. Formal Kurtas are easy to style and accessorize. 
  5. Most footwear go well with trendy Kurtas. Wear it with a sandal, jutti or chappal
  6. You can even create an indo-western outfit by wearing a belt over the Kurta to give the effect of a western dress. 

Halt your search for trendy Kurtas for ladies online because they are available right here. Head to Shree – The Indian Avatar and check out the latest designs of formal Kurtas for office wear or trendy Kurtas for daily wear.


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